Are telephone enquiries answered with concise and accurate information about a child's requirements, giving the purchaser confidence that timetable and scheduling arrangements will be adhered to?
Yes. Our professional team will provide you with the best information that they can at the time of your booking. This in turn will give you peace of mind that all arrangements will be adhered to.
Does Safe Hands produce information on its policies and procedures, covering different areas of operations?
Yes. All our policies and procedures are available on request. These documents show how each area of operation is managed.
Does Safe Hands provide background information on staff & volunteers who will carry out the escort or transport duties and their previous work experience?
Yes. All our staff and volunteers are happy to provide background information and previous employment history. This information is available on request.
What kind of report and feedback will Safe Hands provide once an escort or transport procedure has been carried out?
We provide you with a travel log which outlines the behaviour of the young person during transport. Should an incident occur we will also provide you with an incident report. This report outlines significant events, accident reports and any safeguarding concerns
If the work involves a series of regular appointments or visits with a child or young person can the same staff be assigned, to provide continuity of contact and care?
Yes. We are able to provide you with a consistent member of staff for all regular visits and appointments.